Absolute tone pitch (AP), widely referred to as perfect tone pitch (PP), is the ability of a person to identify or recreate a musical note without the benefit of an external reference.

In other words perfect tone pitch (PP) is when you can close your eyes, let someone play a random note on the piano and be able to know which note it is.

Everyone has a NATURAL, inborn ability for Perfect tone pitch. But like most musicians you may have yet to discover it.

PP is obtained by training your ear to recognize the notes you are hearing. With this software you will be surprise to see how fast this may be achieved.

This free software will replace the person pressing the random notes. It will always be there, never get tired and help you discover your inborn ability for Perfect tone pitch.


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This software is totally free. Why? Well if you are like me, I don't like to pay for something that is not worth the price. How many times have I downloaded software which were great but the price was certainly not worth the product... So what do I do? Get it CRACKED!!!

OK... OK... I know, because people crack softwares thats why the prices are high. Well I say to myself, lower the price so that buying the product will be worth it more than trying to find a crack for it. I do not really like finding cracks for software because many times we get virus... uuummm, but many times I take the risk of getting virus because the price of the software I wish to buy is simply not what I would be willing to pay.

You must get my point by now.

I am willing to pay and I believe you are too, as long as the price is fair. I will not decide how much this software is worth. I leave it up to you. If its worth nothing to you, don't send anything its alright.

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Tone Pitch will help you develop perfect tone pitch. On your left is a (short) version of Tone Pitch that you may try online.

This online version works with the central notes "C, D, E, F, G, A, B" seven NOTES no sharps or flats.

With the (full) version you gradually add notes until you reach perfect tone pitch with the whole scale.

How does it work?

Before clicking the button to play a new tone, play the notes starting from the "C" with a dot towards your right until you reach the "B" note. This small version only plays new tones in that range. While you play these notes slowly, listen to the sound they make and try memorizing them... (Hum them as you play them).

Once ready press the button "play a new tone". Listen to it, if you're not sure press the "play tone again" button. Once you think you know the tone press "show tone" button.

If you got it wrong, use "play tone again" and try memorizing it... (Hum it as its played again).

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, thats all. Many think if someone has perfect tone pitch it's because they are gifted. If you are able to hear that one tone is higher or lower than another tone, you will be able to learn the name of the tone you are hearing. That's (PP) Perfect tone pitch.

What to expect?

TonePitch was develop to help users to recognize the pitch of the tones they hear and name them.

Someone who has perfect tone pitch is someone that is able to name the tone pitch of the tones they hear, without an external reference.

TonePitch will help you train your internal reference to identify tone pitch.

  • 36 Notes scale
  • You may select what range you wish to practice
  • You may select to play sharps and flats
  • Tips and tricks to achieve your goal fast

Download free software Tone Pitch


Tone and color and closely related.

Each are composed with certain frequencies. Color frequencies are seen with our eyes, tone frequencies are heard with our ears.

We are more solicitated with color than tone in our everyday life and this since our youth. Not that there are more colors than tones. Just that we have learned more since our youth to identify colors compared to tone.

Even though we might know our colors, we do not know the names of all the colors we can see.

Even though we might hear all the tones frequencies we do not know the names of all tones. Most of us were not even trained to name any.

Color red is a name, to me this name might not identify the same color as for you, but we will agree that we are seeing the same color when we place an external reference. (Something with the same color). We will both be able to see that both colors are the same no matter how you or I perceived the name for the color red and be able to have a common name for that color.

Now if we both had to reproduce this red and we did not have our original external reference. The one that would best reproduce the color would prove to have the best INTERNAL reference. Once our colors would have been compared to our original external reference.

Painters who mix paint, to paint cars for example, would certainly have a better inner reference than I. Not because they were born with this internal reference but because they trained comparing and comparing each time they mixed paint until they became good at mixing paint because their internal reference was trained.

All this to say that TonePitch is a great tool to train your internal reference to identify tone pitch by name.

You will find in the full version that you may download, tips on how to train your internal reference and achieve your goals faster.

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